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FileMaker text fields. Select text but no editing.

Often users need to copy a post code an email address or a url  into another app. Often these fields are locked down to prevent accidental alteration or deletion. If this is done by FileMakers native  method of preventing field entry in Browse Mode  the user can’t select and copy the required text. Frustration all round.

One way to resolve this is to use a Revert Record Request Script combined with an OnObjectModify script trigger.

Take a look at the steps below using a simple FileMaker file with one table and 2 text fields.



Step 1) First the script… Nothing clever here, just a Revert Record Request followed by a Commit and a Custom Dialog explaining the Field is not editable.




Step 2) Next Set the Script Trigger.

In this case we have set the No_Updating_please Field to Trigger the No Field Updating Script whenever modified. This uses the OnObjectModify option in the Set Script Triggers dialog.



Step 3) There is no step 3. Try it out for yourselves.

Users can select and copy…



But if users try to Edit they are told “Updating is not Allowed”.



Published in the hope that this is useful to someone, somewhere, sometime.